Choosing The Right Air hostess Training Institute

June 11, 2019 Currently there are many “so called” Airhostess training institute operating in kolkata, out of the melee of options available the idea is to choose the best for yourself. air hostess training institute in kolkata Air hostess Training Institute One of the best way to get to know about any , its services and commitments towards its students is to go through the feedback given by its students, both current as well as old ones. Here you have to be careful and must ascertain whether the feedback given is actually given by a genuine students or its a just a paid feedback and at times you can get some negative feedback also but even these negative feedback can be paid ones, like the competition paying to defame a particular institute. So you should be careful. The example shown here is a feedback by a particular student, now how will you check whether she is a genuine student or just a paid feedback, well you can check her history with the institute, like check her pictures and comments in the fanpage of the institute where this feedback is published and if you find her there then she is genuine and her feedback is also genuine. You will find big brands, claiming to be world’s no.1, etc, but should you really go for such brands – Do a reality check and you will find that most of the students going here are actually following trends, they land up investing a lot of money and hardly get in anything in return except getting demoralized and heartbroken. You should do the check on your own, try and locate some older students, maybe students of previous year and ask them yourselves about their experience – Another thing is that you can check their fanpages – facebook, Instagram, etc, if they are publishing real time pictures of their students and their activities, but be careful do not get fooled by made up stories with paid models as students. Another way to find out is check their reviews, also you will have to be smart while checking the reviews, if you are really, really interested to find out the truth, because not all reviews are genuine, most of the reviews are actually false and paid, it can be a good review or even a bad review, normally competition pays for bad reviews, so check the content of the review and verify it with other sources – Maybe you will get a review like – “Fraud institute, classes are not happening, placements are not happening, etc”, so you check from other resources whether classes are really not happening? Placements are really not happening? as claimed by this review – and if you find that classes are happening! Placements are happening! then this review is a false review and you should simply ignore such review. The best place to get trained is actually the best place as told by other students mostly passed out students, so its always a wise idea to gather feedback from older passed out students, they will be you best guide, getting feedback from current students is, OK, but they might not give you the correct feedback, maybe because they are afraid or something else, so its ok, if you take feedback from current students but older and passed out students should be preferred, as they would be more vocal, another parameter through which you can check the reputation of the institute is the number of referral admissions the institute is recording, if students are referring other students then it is definitely the place for you, so go get yourself admitted!  

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