Things you need to know before Filling out an Air Hostess Form

June 11, 2019

Do you get restless at your 9-6 desk job? Are you aspiring to live a life that lets you travel around the world and yet pay you handsomely? If yes, then you are in the right place!We are here to give you a complete guide on how to become a pro cabin crew – everything from the basic air hostess eligibility, academics curriculum, training, to salary package and everything else that you would need to know before you make up your mind to live the life of an air hostess.

True that the life of an air hostess is filled with glamour and excitement, contradicting to the usual notion, these cabin crews work really hard while at duty. They are responsible for the lives of their flying passengers when the travel is in progress. From the time the passengers are onboard till the time they disembark at their desired destination, these flight attendants are obliged to make them feel at ease and trouble-free.Before getting hired as a cabin crew, one has to get oneself prepared for the selection process set up by various airlines. They majorly focus on personality and basic academics,i.e., anybody who has successfully completed their 10+2 is eligible to fill in the air hostess

It is usually advised that interested candidates take up a professional training in cabin crew/flight attendant certification. These professional training are usually dedicated to providing them with a hands-on experience and also theoretical knowledge about the air hostess profession.Students are educated and trained in sectors like hospitality, effective communication,first-aid techniques, flight etiquette’s and operations, food and beverage management and so on.

If you aspire to become an air hostess, grooming yourself accordingly is a must. You need to know how to carry a magnetic personality, a positive air around yourself. It could sound like madness to you now but upon right guidance and training, it is evidently achievable.Getting oneself enrolled in top-notch institutions, individuals are not just provided with theoretical knowledge but also guided and nurtured by top professionals in the industry.So, if you are aiming to become the best damn air hostess in the world, you undoubtedly need to get trained by the best of the industry. APT Advantage is the #1 Air HostessTraining Institute in Kolkata. They are dedicated to helping you make yourself score high in the Eligibility for cabin crew- checklist.

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