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September 30, 2020

Your landing to this page is a clear indication that you are in search for a cabin crew training institute. This again means you are willing to become a cabin crew member. Well, this is undeniably a great choice for the aspirants who are willing to fly and earn, however it is not as beautiful and ease, as it might seem from distant.

Cabin crew members are required to take a lot of responsibilities. Since they are the face of the airlines and the one who are handling the passenger, there is a need for having the knowledge and competency in becoming the pride of the airlines. There are again some protocols that one needs to maintain if they are willing to retain in this job role.

Undoubtedly, cabin crew job is a lot different than others and considered as one of the most challenging roles to perform. Yes, you have to maintain the protocols and then only you will be able to go further. Since there are people to give millions of advises, it might become a lot confusing for you to actually be able to understand what are the do’s and don’ts. Therefore we will focus on the questions that you might have in mind before going further.

So let us take a look at the most common questions being asked by the aspirants

What is the basic qualification required for joining the industry?

If you are willing to join the training, you will need to pass the basic 12 years of schooling. The school pass certificate is therefore the very basic requirements of the airlines. However, if not in the cabin crew training of the aviation industry, there is a need for passing graduation. This is therefore a need for the aspirants to have a look at the website of the cabin crew training institute in India before they take admission in it.

Can I join as a cabin crew member with dark complexion?

Absolutely yes! Complexion doesn’t really matters in this job role. If you are eligible and have the skill to manage people you will be able to accomplish the goal of an air hostess. This doesn’t have any association with your complexion being dark or fair.

Airlines are mostly into finding the cabin crew members who have the people managing skills and knowledge on airlines. Security of the passengers is the prime task of the air hostesses and therefore, if you are able to crack it, you can go further.

So, without any further thinking, you can start looking for the best cabin crew training institute. APT is also a great choice for the aspirants as they offer great training.

Is there is a need for having the right weight and height?

Yes, there is a parameter of height and weight that you have to meet. For the cabin crew members, there is a need for having a particular height. For the females, it is 155cm and for the male it is 170cm.

Coming to the weight, you need to balance your weight as per your height. Make sure you are not overweight or underweight as the airline industry does not accept any of these.

What else do I need to ensure if I am willing to become a cabin crew?

If anyone who is aspiring to become a cabin crew member needs to meet the other parameters of the airline industry. Other than the ratio of the weight and height, there is a necessity for the aspirants to ensure that they do not have any burnt marks or visible cuts in their body. Apart from this, there is a necessity for the aspirants not to have any tattoos on the visible parts of your body.

You should also have a good eye sight along with should not suffer from the chronic back problems or chronic vascular diseases. You will be medically tested prior to taking part in this job role to ensure that you don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Do I get 100% placement guarantee?

This is something that depends on the cabin crew training institute that you are willing to take admission in. You should know that not all the training institutes offer 100% placement guarantee but again there are some exceptions.

APT is one of the very few cabin crew training institutes in India that guarantees 100% placement to all of the candidates. Since we have a stringent selection procedure, the candidates we choose are the best for the airlines. If you are looking for a great institute that not only offers the cabin crew training but also ensures placement, APT is the right choice for you.

I have completed my, can I apply for the job?

There is no binding for anyone who wants to become a cabin crew. All you need is to show the 12 years of schooling completion and thereafter you are eligible for the course.

Why should I choose to become an air hostess?

There are several reasons and attributes that makes air hostess job a great choice for both males and females.

  • You get to fly the world without the need for any ticket
  • You get to meet new people every day
  • You become a responsible member of the aviation industry
  • You get a good salary
  • You have good chances to improve in your career

Unlike the other profession, air hostess is one of the different professions where you can live your life.

What are the challenges?

Well, nothing comes easy and therefore just like any other profession you have to overcome the challenges. You will face the unruly passengers, you have work in shifts, you have to get over jetlag, the food might not suit you, stretches can become difficult, you have to look beautiful every time and never have the permission to look tired.

Challenges will be there but you have to find out ways to get over them.

So these are some of the most common questions asked by the aspirants and hopefully you have got the answers to all of your questions. Therefore, without wasting time, just take admission in a cabin crew training institute in India to give wings to your dreams.

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