What are the myths associated with the air hostesses course in Kolkata?

air hostess course in kolkata

Being a flight attendant is undoubtedly fulfilling and satisfactory, but before that, there are a lot of things that you require listening from people.

When you the first one in your family to choose an air hostess, you must have gone through a lot of things. The reason is that there are several misconceptions existing in the market regarding flight attendants. This job might seem a lot glamorous from a distance as the flight attendants are asked to dress properly, and they are able to stay in exotic locations without the need for paying for hotels and food.

This is a lot different than most people can even imagine as when it is about their life; it is more than just adventure, romance, or luxury. This job holds a lot of challenges and responsibilities to stay in the position as it is not easy to handle everything with such poise and elegance all the time.

So let us have a look at some of the most common misconceptions available about flight attendants.

air hostess course in kolkata

They are beautiful waitresses:

If you think that air hostesses only need to wear lipsticks and some amazing attires to take orders for drinks and foods from passengers, then you are definitely wrong. Flight attendants require spending six days every week on the air hostess course in Kolkata to learn about the way to handle and take care of the passengers during medical emergencies.

Do you have any idea that the air hostesses have the training on performing CPR? They are the ones responsible for taking care of the safety processes, which includes making proper use of the seat belts along with the oxygen masks. Enforcing the safety rules might sometimes cause agitation among some passengers, but they are always required to keep their smile and carry on as it is a vital part of any job.

Another most essential part of this job is to ensure the necessary supplies are available on board before the plane takes off.

They are dumb:

Most people believe that people who are not able to crack conventional jobs, they mostly try for this job role, which is unquestionably a false thought. You just know that to become a flight attendant, a person needs to complete 12 years of schooling and then take the air hostess course in Kolkata to get the placements. They are educated and all-rounder people compared to most of the professionals. Not only this, their selection procedure, which includes the training, is exclusively hard as it is meant for the safety of passengers.

They have to give several assessments in their training and while they are getting recruited. These tests consist of questions that include mathematics, general knowledge, reasoning, and other medical questions. Besides, group discussion and language tests are mandatory. Since they have to have knowledge of a wide range of things, they have to spend hard times during training and recruitment.

Starting from the first-aid to self-defense to flight safety, the flight attendants are the ones to have knowledge on everything. You can check the air hostess academy offering affordable air hostess training fees in Kolkata to start the training.

They are young and single:

Even when things have advanced to a huge extent, the stigma of young and single flight attendants are still attached to this job role. If you check now, you will see that not all flight attendants are females, and they are single.

The very first reason flight attendants are mostly preferred to be unmarried without a family as they are required to stay in different places. Since being a mom, it is not always possible. Therefore the flight attendants are chosen precisely. However, if you can show that you have continuously worked, you always have the chance to get a job irrespective of your marital status.

They party most of the times:

You must know that air hostesses do not have any fixed time duty like other jobs. They need to be flexible, and therefore, they mostly get long shifts. Not only the demanding passengers but also the delays contribute to this factor. When they get a chance, they will sleep and the last thing they would do is a party. They would always want to spend some quality time along and taking a long rest. Dont get stressed as you will be offered the training by the best colleges offering reasonable air hostess course fees in Kolkata.

Besides, when they have such a tight schedule. It is not at all easy to organize a good social life, and either they are working, or they are sleeping. Therefore basically, a hostess’s life is restricted to a suitcase. He or she has to move wherever they are asked to and which is decided by the airlines.

Apart from traveling, hotels, and seeing a new place, nothing seems good as you have to enjoy your life within that limited period.

They have a lavish lifestyle:

If you think that since they are offered full service, they can actually hang out or chat with their colleagues, then you are definitely wrong. There will be days when they will have more workload, which is very often therefore in such times, and they need to work without even taking proper rest. Keeping the smile on and listening to the queries, without proper sleep and food, they need to work tirelessly.

When asked a flight attendant, she mentioned that most of the people have no idea about the trash that they need to handle onboard, They need to deal with people who eat half and leave the rest, and therefore it is a lot harder and lavish.

air hostess college in kolkata

Bottom Line:

Therefore, now that you know the reality, you can easily answer the people who live with such misconceptions. Make sure you take admission in the top air hostess college in Kolkata as they have the trainers and courses that can help you to handle such challenges and know the reality.

When you have dreams, make sure that you start walking on the path and enjoy your life.

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