What are the Responsibilities of an Air Hostess?

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September 15, 2020

The rapid expansion in the aviation industry has resulted in increased demand for people. One of the most growing importances in the sector is a need for flight attendants or the air hostesses. Besides, with people being respectful and knowledgeable about the job, no more people consider it as a job of a waitress.

Air hostesses hold a respectful position in the sector as they are in the forefront of the industry. There is a need for taking the air hostess course offered by the institutes in order to comprehend the responsibilities and duties. The very first duty of an air hostess is ensuring the safety of people. They are the one to assist the passengers on board to take their respectful position and have a safe flight.

Apart from the safety and assistance of passengers, the duty of an air hostess also revolves around ensuring the comfort of passengers. There are several flights that do not offer beverages or any foods while the journey, this does not mean that they have no task henceforth. There is always a need for been very vigilant and present on-spot to ensure passengers safety.

If you are willing to become an air hostess, there is a need for you to offer the best service. Thus, you have to be knowledge on the way to ace at public services and hospitality. You will always need to maintain a positive attitude along with keep the smile on irrespective of how many flights you have taken or passengers you have managed.

Being physically strong is perhaps the basic demand of this job role. The reason is that you will have to work in shifts which can be more than 12 hours. When you have great presence of mind and can adjust calmly also having a leadership quality, you can stay assured that you are perfect fit for this job role. All you need is to take the air hostess course seriously offered by the institutes and focus on your job.

During the air hostess training:

After taking whole lot of interviews and exams, when the results declared as “You are selected,” undoubtedly it is a matter of pride and joy. It will feel no less than a victory after a war. However, the real challenge is just about to start. Being an air hostess and taking the responsibility of the job is not a cup of tea. Again there will rigorous training which you have to take to understand the core of the airline.

You should always have a clear idea in mind that air hostesses are the face of the airlines. Therefore, apart from having an amiable personality and knowledge, you need to have the patience to deal with different passenger. There will be challenges – on spot challenges that you need to handle with ease to make you and your team the best.

In this training you will be provided with training like:

  • Endurance
  • Well being of the passengers on board
  • Flight security related issues and also the passengers
  • Decompression
  • Handle the situation when there is fire or the aeroplane accidentally lands in water or fire in any other parts of the aircraft
  • Immediate evacuation
  • Medical need

There is no doubt that the training sessions mentioned above can become a lot expensive for the Authorities. This is the reason why the training is provided to the ones who are selected and eligible for the position.

After taking the courses offered by the air hostess institute and after cracking the interview, if you get selected, you will be taken for this session. This session add you to your knowledge and experience thereby making you better at your job. The members selected by the cabin crew members will be again tested based on the performance. Also, when you already hit the floor, after every 12 months there will be training provided by the airline just to make sure you are updated with any now updates.

What are the major responsibilities?

When you are provided with a responsible position, you need to take many responsibilities. Just as the phrase goes, “Just power comes responsibilities.”

  1. Before the flight and the passengers start coming in, you and your team is responsible to take the pre-flight meeting. Each and every member in a team will be allotted their position as in the position of the flight, passenger details, and passenger requirements along with the medical requirement and the total count of babies.
  2. You will need to perform all pre-flight tasks like checking the safety equipment, the cleanliness of the plane, the seat pockets, and the food stock available in the airplane.
  3. You have the welcome the passenger with a smile with “Welcome to the Flight” along with also assist them to finding their seats and keep the luggage in place.
  4. You will be the one responsible to inform them about the safety procedures and measures. Since they will not be aware of it, once they have taken their seats, you will need to make them understand about it.
  5. You need to make sure that the hand luggage carried by them is safe and has been stored securely.
  6. You need to ensure that the passengers’ seat belts are fastened when the aircraft is about to take off.
  7. Once everybody has got their seats and took their respective seats, it is your responsibility to offer refreshments.
  8. In case of any medical emergencies, you can provide first-aid to the passenger.
  9. Thanking passengers when the aircraft is about to land on the airport.
  10. Check whether the passengers have taken their handbags or if they have left them in their overhead chambers.
  11. To end, you need to complete the paperwork where you need to give the report of the flight.

So when it is about air hostess, you need to make sure that you take the training offered by the air hostess training institute properly. This can become a lot helpful in your career and getting success in your respective job role.

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