10 Essential Skills Needed For Cabin Crew Training In Kolkata

Cabin Crew training in kolkata

Being a cabin crew is something you have always thought about. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You must have seen cabin crew members walking around in the airport or through the terminals. Their job might look effortless at the first instance, but, indeed, cabin crew training in Kolkata isn’t an easy job. This personnel is perfectly groomed and takes care of your safety and belongings with the utmost comfort and top-notch flying experience.

However, the job role and skills required for cabin crew training are immense. They arrive at the airport even before you leave your home! For example, during the recent pandemic, the responsibilities of cabin crew members were enormous. They had to follow layers of precautions to make sure you had a safe and healthy flight.

So, what are the skills you need to have before joining a cabin crew training institute in Kolkata? The answer is mentioned below. There can indeed be no other lifestyle than being a cabin crew member. However, the skills required are immense so stay tuned.

cabin crew training

Communication Skills in Cabin Crew Training

When you join the best cabin crew training institute in India, you will be taught excellent communication skills. Your communication skills are going to get you through every day. From the minute you report to the end of the day, the need to have top-notch communication skills is necessary! The communication skills you need to have are as follows:

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal
  • Visual

This is the most fundamental skill, which is, of course, non-negotiable.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness comes in many forms. But how is self-awareness beneficial for the courses in a cabin crew training institute in Kolkata? Let’s assume that you come in contact with someone. This someone would be around hundreds of people daily. Thus, you need to be self-aware to understand how your interpersonal skills would help you, your passengers, and your crew members with everything.

Situational Awareness

You will get to hear about this term as soon as you join the cabin crew training institute. You would listen to the word “situational awareness” at least a million times throughout your flying career. The term means that you need to be aware of whatever is happening around you at all times. This skill would help you to become one of the best cabin crew members in your team. Thus, make sure that you are aware of every situation around you.


You need to have a high tolerance level if you take cabin Crew training in Kolkata. Whenever you are in close quarters with your colleagues and passengers, you would have to face many opinions that aren’t yours. Thus, if you are tolerant, it would be beneficial for you in the long run. Keep your sane intact so that you might know about a thing or two.


This skill needs a bit of explanation during your cabin crew training in Kolkata. If you are a flight attendant, you would have to adapt to any situation at any time. Things are bound to change when you visit a new place. One minute you might be daydreaming. Next, you would have to report urgently to your airport service manager.

Time Management skill in Cabin Crew Training

Cabin crew training would help you with your time management skills. This is an imperative skill for a successful and safe flight journey. You would have explicit knowledge of the timing for services, legalities, and, most importantly, the safety of passengers. Furthermore, if you are pretty efficient in time management, it will play a significant role in any emergency. Thus, your skills could even save lives!


You would need to have appropriate confidence in yourself and your abilities. As soon as you complete your interview before the recruitment process, you will feel confident. Do not be overconfident! Channel your level of confidence in your cabin crew training and be a successful flight attendant. As you work, it would even help you to build your confidence level. Confidence is a significant factor that would help you in your job. Still, it is also beneficial for your daily activities.


This is a similar skill concerning tolerance. “Tact” refers to how you approach a specific situation. Not every case is the same. You would have to be sensitive in dealing with particular passengers and teammates. In simple words, you would have to know to speak the right thing at the right time. This skill is pretty elusive and exceptional, but it would be great for your career if you could master it during your cabin crew training!

cabin crew training

Initiative during Cabin Crew Training

Your initiative during your cabin crew training can dramatically change the outcome of any situation. If you know how to take charge of any case, you would have the situation under control. It is a common thing to be led by your intuitions during a case. Learn how to implement this situation effectively, and you are good to go!

Physical Fitness

Your physical fitness is essential for your own survival. It can be a tough gig for crew members who need to wake up at 2 am, having 16-18 hours of flight at one go! So always make sure that you take care of your body and your mind.

Ending Note

Thus, this is the end of our blog. Whenever you are taking cabin crew training, you might not have the skills mentioned above. But, yet again, if you do so, you need to be aware of the essential ones from the above list. Furthermore, you need to master the skills in such a way so that they help you in your career. Thus, you can work your dream job and join the sky-high lifestyle of being a cabin crew.

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