Air Hostess Training – The Dream of the Young Aspirant’s

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The Air Hostess course is an extraordinary dream of the aspirants. Young students get more fascinated by this career. Working as an air hostess is an entirely different experience you can gain through the availability of various courses. However, you must know what the core segments you want to pursue mainly are. Air hostess offers multiple scope and platforms to the students, from traveling the world, meeting people from different cultures to traveling with famous personalities and getting huge benefits – everything you can achieve through one destination.

Various air hostess academies focus on multiple segments, including different career course offerings. Before finally choosing the academy, you must be knowledgeable about the air hostess training fees in Kolkata and air hostess course fees in Kolkata.

Air hostess Job Description

An air hostess is responsible for fulfilling different crucial work in flight. From servicing air tickets to the customers to handle an emergency, everything depends solely on them. So, they need to be calm and polite regarding their job and responsibilities as well. They have to be knowledgeable and understandable enough to take care of every situation.

Air-Hostess as a profession has seen some upsurge growth in the aviation industry for a few years. Working as a flight steward or air hostess is an entirely different experience in life. It promises lucrative opportunities for the future, including exploring worldwide. You can get assured financial prosperity by taking an air-hostess job. But, at the same time, you do require a lot of hard work that makes the profession more lovable to you.

air hostess course in kolkata

Let’s take an insight into the responsibilities of an Air-Hostess or Steward.

In-flight Responsibilities

  • Greet and take care of each passenger during the boarding
  • Must escort the elderly passengers to their seat until they rightly seated
  • Serving drinks, meals, snacks and have to be careful while collecting trays, trash, and glasses before landing
  • The primary duty is to be aware of all the medical emergencies and let passengers assure that they are seated adequately during the takeoffs and landing.
  • She should be dutiful enough and well-acquainted with all the cabin equipment types if they are working fine before the takeoff.
  • Selling duty-free products and briefly describing the consequences if any passenger wants to buy any specific one.
  • Making the announcements on behalf of the pilot
  • Must know all the techniques of helping passengers on the time of the evacuation of the plane during emergencies

Air hostess college in Kolkata meets every requirement and teaches you how to handle every aspect related to the in-flight and after-flight services. Air hostess course in Kolkata makes a candidate desirable to take training in a professional air hostess college. This will eventually bring an aspirant excellent job opportunities in both domestic and international airlines.

What are the career scopes offered by the training institutes?

Air hostess training institutes and colleges are the primary steps to achieve all your dreams and help to fly high! The courses offered by the air hostess college in Kolkata carefully design the programs so that these help a candidate explore the opportunity within the training. A proper training institute helps the candidate to become suitable for becoming.

  • Lead Air Hostess
  • Senior Air Hostess
  • Check Air Hostess
  • Supervisors
  • Base Manager
  • Manager of in-flight operations

Now, let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria to become an air hostess

  • The aspirant must have a good command of English.
  • She/he should be able to correctly pronounce the mother tongue as well as an international language; speaking in another state’s mother tongue will be added as an additional advantage.
  • The ideal age of an air hostess should be 18 to 26. However, the age limit varies airline to airline and specifically international and domestic airlines
  • Candidates must hold minimum criteria of 10+2 with a degree in hospitality and travel management or other graduates.
  • Air hostess should possess a minimum height requirement of 157.5 centimeters for female and 170 cm for male with the perfect eye vision of 20/20
  • The candidate must be eligible to procure an Indian Passport
  • An air hostess will not be allowed to have any tattoos or piercing

Although these positions can be achieved through experience and efficiency, some renowned air-hostess institutes focus on specific developments like learning new languages, adapting the latest technology, getting advanced training, and many more.

air hostess training fees in kolkata

Also, these air-hostess roles do not sustain for longer times as they can also get transferred to other departments such as human resources or risk management on acquiring required training.

How to check on a good air hostess college?

As we have become digitally advanced, we need to take advantage of digital facilities in our everyday life. When we are about to choose something special, we need to go through in-depth research on that particular thing; after that, we can decide what to choose. As air hostess is a crucial and essential course, we must carefully evaluate every segment and opt for the final solution. When you are selecting the colleges and institutions, you need to check every offer carefully. Most importantly, you must compare the air hostess course fees in Kolkata.

It will give fundamental enlightenment on course fees, and you will get an idea of the offerings of air hostess institutes. Though the air hostess course is not very high that a candidate can’t afford, as I’ve said, you need to check and compare and then decide.

Air hostess college in Kolkata is widely known for its maximum contribution towards making an aspiring candidate’s prospect. These institutes nurture the training programs and are designed for students to witness excellence in the service industry. Also, this is the ultimate platform to groom, motivate and train yourself while adhering to a revamping career. This is the perfect sector to develop your inner skill. These academies or institutions provide the ultimate platform; You can be developed through dedication, proper training, and dedication. This course even makes the students more qualified to get employed in any service industry sector, be it working as an Air Hostess in Airline or a Ground Staff at the Airport or opt for the Hotel or the Tourism Industry.

The aviation industry has been experiencing a huge boom, though the present situation is quite different, this is a sector that will always be recognized. You can achieve your dream through a proper self-learning attitude and appropriately establish your goodwill.

Bottom Line

One of the most modern and passionate platforms to develop your inner skills and groom yourself. Air hostess college in Kolkata will help you achieve your dream job through different career revamping courses that come affordable. If you are keen on developing your personality and fly high, don’t stop yourself because you have that capability!

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