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To become the best flight attendant, it is necessary to take your air hostess course in Kolkata seriously. Basic flight training is provided to every student in an effective manner. Your air hostess college in Kolkata plays an essential role in helping you achieve this target. You would have to do appropriate research while selecting the best institute. You would find many institutes that facilitate training programs for the post of flight attendant. Thus, it would be wise to select the institute that would encourage all the basic training programs. When you need to choose the best air hostess institute, the need for skilled and experienced trainers is essential. The trainers in the institute need to have appropriate teaching experience. The students are here to be the best flight attendant for any airline. Thus, if you want the best air hostess college in Kolkata, APT Advantage can help you with your requirements.

Things To Know About Being A Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is a risky job. Since the timing of flights changes frequently, flight attendants need to set their schedules accordingly. The primary duty of an attendant is to ensure the safety of the passengers. Those traveling in the airplane and having the responsibility of taking care of the passengers during the flight timing. All these duties are taught in an air hostess course in Kolkata. Since it is a contact-based job, the candidate has to agree to all the parameters of the airline’s term.

air hostess college in kolkata

One of the critical terms is about the working time of a flight attendant, which is uncertain. The airlines can call you any time whenever there is a requirement. The roles and responsibilities of a flight attendant are many. Since hundreds of planes operate daily, the need for proper training is a necessity. Being a flight attendant also means being a part of the cabin crew. Thus, one needs to take care of all the positive aspects of the airplane.

Basic Parameters Involved In An Air Hostess Course In Kolkata

Let us now discuss the basic parameters involved in an air hostess course in Kolkata.

  • The first parameter would be to greet all the passengers boarding the plane. It is the sole duty of the flight attendant to greet every passenger while coming inside the airplane and even during the departure. This is one of the foremost training involved in an air hostess course in Kolkata. The candidate has to follow this since it shows honor in respect to the passengers. It also encourages the value of the airlines in the eyes of passengers. The other aspect of the training is to make the passengers comfortable in any situation. In an airplane, there are many people. And it is an obvious fact that not every passenger would have the same mindset. Thus, you, as a flight attendant, need to take care of the passengers. This is the central aspect of an air hostess course in Kolkata.
  • The second parameter consists of opening and closing the doors. Opening and closing a plane door is nothing like the ones installed in your home. The procedure of opening a plane’s door is taught during the air hostess course in Kolkata. This is also a part of basic training which a candidate must follow accurately.
  • Being a flight attendant is challenging, as we have mentioned before. You would also have various emergencies which could come at any point in time. The common emergencies are medical facilities, first aid, and many more. This is also a part of the basic training program taught at an air hostess college in Kolkata. The need to handle emergencies with a calm mind is necessary. It is the sole duty of the flight attendant to tackle any situation in an effective manner. Thus, you would have to handle the situation in such a way so that there are no panic situations.
  • Being a flight attendant means having excellent communication skills. This is the main part of your basic training where good communication helps you attract the passengers. It would also allow you to calm their aggressiveness which could arise at any time. The need for top-notch communication skills is a must. Way of talking, eye contact, non-verbal movements, and your smile. These are some of the mandatory factors which you need to consider. The way to communicate with the passengers will be taught to you in your institution.
  • The final part of your basic training would be to train your mind in being positive. This is because you would face many pathetic parameters during the time of flight. Thus, you have to tackle the situation calmly. If you fail to do so, it will cause a terrible impression on your career.
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Functions taught While Occupying The Pilot’s Seat When He Is Outside.

It might be that the pilot has some emergency during their flight. During such a scene, flight attendants need to know about some basic functionalities. These are as follows:

  • For any reason whatsoever, the pilot might have gone out from his cabin. During such a scene, the flight attendant might have to speak with the Air Traffic Controllers. While talking to the ATC, the attendants need to ask for emergency directions on flying or landing the plane. The leading role of the flight attendant is to take the right directions from the aviation controllers. They will guide you to fly the airplane accurately without creating any panic situation. They would also help you to land the aircraft in case of an emergency. However, there is a 0.1% chance that the pilot is not in his cabin during the flight time. This is why the job of a flight attendant is risky. Only an efficient flight attendant can do all these with the help of a good air hostess college in Kolkata.
  • It is evident that whenever the pilot isn’t in his cabin, a panic situation arises. Thus, you, being an attendant, need to maintain the decorum of the plane. During such a situation, the air hostess course in Kolkata plays a significant role in controlling the environment effectively.

Ending Note

Air hostess course fees in Kolkata come in various packages. If you do your research in a thorough way, you will find the best air hostess training fees in Kolkata for your proffered institution.

As we have come to the end of our article, we have seen all the essential parameters a candidate is taught during their air hostess course in Kolkata. APT Advantage is your one-stop solution for all your air hostess training needs. A flight attendant plays a significant role in controlling any situation appropriately. This also allows them to tackle the problem effectively.

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