Cabin Crew Training In Kolkata | How To Manage Your Mental Health?

Cabin Crew training in kolkata

There was a psychological study conducted that showed the adverse effects of cabin crew training. We agree that it has a lot of job opportunities in the recent airline industry. However, along with the benefits and positive aspects of this training, there is also pressure on the mental health of the cabin crew. Some of the symptoms of cabin crew training include depression, anxiety, etc.

Cabin crew members are often exposed to a significant amount of emotional stress. This includes the pressure of having to keep smiling even after a hectic schedule. This is why cabin crew members are more prone to depression than the general public.

This is a common problem amongst students taking cabin crew training. Also, the risk factor associated with the cabin crew job is pretty high!

However, with the best cabin crew training institute in Kolkata, you can now cope with such problems very easily. APT Advantage is one of the best cabin crew training institute in India.

This institution is known to provide the best cabin crew training without any adverse effects.

We will dive into how we can cope up with these problems. But, before that, let us discuss why cabin crew members are more susceptible to mental illness.

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Why Are Cabin Crew More Prone To Mental Illness?

Cabin crew members suffer from various sleep issues. In addition to this, the cabin crew members are also prone to anxiety and exhaustion. There are several more issues that the crew face in their cabin crew training institute.

Most of the cabin crew have longer shifts. The shifts are even longer if they are working on domestic flights. They usually start early and continue late in the night. Thus, there is a lack of sleep. This interrupts the biorhythm of the workers. In addition, due to the high irregularity of their shifts, their bodies can’t adjust to a specific schedule.

Due to the lack of sleep, exhaustion and fatigue are seen in the crew members. Many crew members even face anxiety. A recent survey has shown that 40% of cabin crew experience anxiety during their flight.

There is always high competition in the air travel industry. Thus airline companies always have a fear of going out of business (although, this is very rare). Due to this reason, cabin crew members are vulnerable to market fluctuations.

How To Manage Your Mental Health With The Best Cabin Crew Training Institute In Kolkata?

Before you join cabin crew training, you must know how to manage and prevent the above-said problems.

Keep Yourself Updated With A Conversation Around Mental Illness

The primary step towards alleviating mental illness is to recognize it. Once you can realize it, you have the best chances to identify whether your mental health is in jeopardy or not. However, before doing so, you need to know what to look for. The best cabin crew training institute in Kolkata provides an array of resources that speak about mental health problems.

If you are feeling any of the points as mentioned below, then it is likely that you are going through a severe mental illness.

  • Feeling lonely or sad
  • Lack of concentration
  • Deficient energy
  • Not linking to communicate with anyone
  • Rapid mood swings

If any of these symptoms goes on for more than a week, go ahead and seek help.

Visit Therapy

Most people think that therapy is like a medicine that you need to take when you are ill. However, that is not the appropriate attitude to resolve this problem. While you opt-in to cabin crew training, the best institutions would suggest you take therapy sessions. Therapy is just like vitamins that you take all year round to stop yourself from getting sick.

It gives you valuable information and helps you recognize unresolved problems. Eventually, it becomes a steady support system to recognize symptoms. Thus, being in therapy can prevent aggravation of existing mental health problems. In addition, it can efficiently resolve deep-seated issues. Therefore, taking therapy is a great preventative measure that more people should look out for.

Practice Mindfulness

The best solution for stress management is to quieten the mind. Being mindful is a step towards achieving that very goal. You need to allow yourself some moments and focus on the task you are doing now wholly. Every person goes through a world of relentless distraction. Thus, practicing mindfulness is beneficial when it comes to coping up with mental illness.

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To be mindful, you need to remove any thought of the past and future and focus on the present. This is an excellent exercise to calm your anxiety. You don’t want to end up spending a lot less time on tasks once you indulge entirely in them. This is not an effortless process, eventually requiring a lot of time to master it.

It would be best if you tried to commit to doing it more often to see a marked difference in your attention span, focus and even mood.

Do Not Chase Productivity

The present world is like a rat race! The idea of productivity has been implemented in our brains from a very young age. While hard work is a universal virtue, falling into the trap of outdoing others is unhealthy.

You could constantly achieve more and do better. It is, yet, a toxic process of undermining one’s self-worth which causes severe depression. It hampers a person’s self-confidence and is overall very harmful to mental health.

Set yourself a routine and complete your work within that time. Do not bring any work pressure back home. Once work is completed for the day, do something you like.

Ending Note

The journey of mental health is not a straight path. It takes a person to go through various challenges to reach a point where they are at peace with themselves. The best cabin crew training institute can help you to cope up with these problems easily. For some, it takes months, while others take years.

The critical thing to keep in mind during the whole process is to be gentle with yourself. And also, follow the four ways mentioned above and stay well in the long run!

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