Challenge to Overcome In your career of being a flight attendant

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January 15, 2021

We all have seen the air hostess job from the rose-tinted glass – where it seems no less than taking sunbath and drinking a cocktail on the seashore. Well, even when it offers a great quality lifestyle, it isn’t that great when it comes to serving different kinds of people.

It is true that flight attendants live a glorious life, but they have to take challenges every day. Unlike other sectors, this glorified job role is not restricted to some faces and which means that you have to meet new faces and talk to people from different walks of life.

Is this easy? Not at all. However, there are people who live in a dilemma that this is very easy. Even there are people who interpret air hostesses as the glorified waitresses when in reality, the flight attendants are the personality who takes care of passengers’ safety and security.

Each and every day, air hostesses have to take new challenges and overcome them with their knowledge. From handling different passengers to their strict grooming protocol, they manage to fulfill their duties with such poise and elegance.

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So now, let us check the different challenges that you need to overcome being a flight attendant.

Flight attendants are always disrespected by passengers:

Do you think that the flight attendants are hired and trained to push the heavy carts or just to serve your meals and drinks? Well, if you have been thinking like this, then you must be enlightened with the fact that air hostesses are the people who have been appointed to keep a check on the passengers and save their lives from any danger.

They are the ones responsible for taking care that the passengers are safe and they are feeling good no matter how tired they are or how much they have been moving around all day long. Whether a passenger refuses to obey the rules, or they are not feeling good, or there is some other threat, it is a flight attendant and their team who is responsible for keeping an eye on everything.

They always sleep in their offtime:

Even when they are said to have a great lifestyle, the air hostesses are the most unsocial people. This is because being an air hostess is certainly not an easy task, and hence whenever they get off, all they do is sleep.

If you have been friends with an air hostess, you might have checked that every time you have planned, either they have declined the plan because they want to sleep or they are late because they are sleeping.

Therefore if you are willing to become an air hostess, you might first need to build your mind and have knowledge of these few things.

You have work in crazy shifts:

Most of the flight attendants have to face this each and every day. They have to work for long hours. This can become a problem as it results in a lack of sleep. Generally in other sectors, people work for 10 to 12 hours but for the flight attendants, it can often be 16hours a day.

These shifts will be decided and the schedules are sent to you which you need to fulfill. The long hours of work are the prime reason for making air hostesses unsocial.

You have to know the strict grooming standards:

You already know that in order to become an air hostess, you have to take admission to the air hostess college in Kolkata where you will be trained about the grooming requirements for the airlines. However, when you are doing your job, you must know that you have to utilize your training in reality and that is very difficult.

Air hostesses handle almost 700 passengers in a day, but then again, they have a strict protocol to keep their smile and greet each and every passenger. Even you need to make sure that your lipstick is in place, and so is your dress. Even if you are tired, you should not look and feel tired.

You have to handle different types of passengers:

When you are on a flight, you know that there are different types of people that will be boarding with you. Some might be great, but chances are there that others will not be the same. Just like making understanding to people who are ready to listen is possible. Similarly, it is way harder to make some passengers understand to abide by the rule.

Even when they are not good at behaving, a flight attendant does not have the permission to lose her calm. You have to know the way to handle such a situation by keeping your calm. Moreover, there will be many passengers who will behave as they have hired you, it is your duty to manage them and the situation.

You have to manage emergency situations:

This is perhaps one of the most challenging things that air hostesses need to do in their work. Even when in the air hostess course in Kolkata, you will be provided with in-depth training on the basic mechanism to handle emergency situations, but in reality, it can become a lot more challenging.

When you find that someone else’s life is depending on your knowledge, it generally becomes trouble. If you keep an eye on the news, you might have seen news like the Air hostess helped a pregnant mother to give birth to a healthy baby. These are the real scenarios that you might have to deal with, and therefore, you have to stay prepared for it.

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Bottom line:

Hopefully, after reading, you have understood the challenges that you need to face every day and overcome them with your knowledge and training. However, if you are taking the air hostess course in Kolkata, you can stay assured that you will get the training that can aid in the process of taking the challenges.

However, before you take admission, you take a look at the air hostess training fees in Kolkata and eligibility. So, give wings to your dreams.

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