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Cabin Crew training in kolkata
September 8, 2021

There are a number of career opportunities in the aviation industry. When you want to pursue some greatest learning skills being an aviation professional, you do have plenty of opportunities to select. You will get a variety of opportunities to select. A cabin crew professional or an air hostess is one of the most common desires among the women who readily want to fly high and want to be the part of the cabin crew in the in-flights department. Cabin crew is a job that seems very interesting and outstanding but it has many obstacles.

Being a cabin crew member of an airline is not a very easy task especially when you are going to start your career in an international flight such as Emirates – one of the top most valuable flights in the world. So, you need to be careful at every step that is countable and you must hold your breath to start a new career in Emirates. Before you get nervous, we must assure that there is nothing to really worry about, all you have to dedicate and contribute your best to achieve an outstanding result!

What should I learn in a cabin crew training institution to achieve a good result?

Learning a course or pursuing a career in the aviation industry is a great way for such aspirants who want to become professional cabin crew members and make their future in the industry. Are you simply in love with the industry, then join the cabin crew training institute in Kolkata that will motivate and encourage your passion for flying your dream!

cabin crew training

As the day passes on, the Cabin crew training institute focuses on proper utilization of current training courses. These courses and training offer the utmost facilities to the aspirants to get the best from the rest, including personalized mobile devices, laptops, digital meetings, and classes, especially to get over the pandemic situation. It gets more comfortable for the students to know and learn how to foster their relationship with airlines, staff, ground staff, pilot, assistant engineers, and more people, especially with the customers and passengers. These practical pieces of the training offer more efficient and meaningful transparency of the course.

Your landing on this page is a clear mark that you are striving hard to become a part of the cabin crew members. No doubt that when it comes to choosing an airline brand, Emirates is one of the very first names that hits our mind.

Emirates is probably one of the most common choices that are in huge demand among the aspirants. Everyone who is willing to become a cabin crew dreams of becoming a part of the Emirates. But before you start working accordingly by taking admission in the best cabin crew training institute in India, you must have tons of questions about the requirements of this famous brand.

So, today we will basically evaluate the idea and offer the information if you have a fascination with international airlines especially Emirates. Everybody has got a dream to serve their career on an international platform. For this, you need to work really hard and understand the protocols. You have to prepare yourself to get to the ultimate platform.

Let’s begin.

Some of the most frequently asked questions include:

  1. Is it fine if the candidates have tattoos?
  2. If a candidate is shorter than 160cm, can she become a part of the Emirates cabin crew?
  3. Can we wear glasses?

So, this article is for all the aspirants who has these questions in their mind and looking for relevant answers to the questions. This blog will therefore become helpful for people to work accordingly enjoy being a part of the airline.

What are the basic requirements to be an important part of the Emirates or start your career as a cabin crew specialist.

Remember, you have to have few qualities to stand out in the crowd. For that, you have to be positive, confident, flexible, friendly and smart. You must have the capability to help others. So, we have enlisted some crucial things you should look out before decide anything.

  • A candidate should be at least 21 years of age at the time of joining
  • Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes
  • Must hold minimum height of 160 cm
  • Must be High School Graduate (Grade 12)
  • Fluency in English both in verbal and written are must
  • No visible tattoos should be appeared at the time of wearing Emirates cabin crew uniform (including cosmetic and bandage coverings are not allowed)
  • Can have the capability to adapt new people, places and new circumstances
  • Physically fit for the demanding role with a healthy BMI

Landing a job in Emirates is no easy feat – you have to work really hard to gain the position. Thousands of candidates around the world submit their resumes to take a glance of this Dubai based one of the most luxurious airlines every month. And most of the aspirants get back with empty hand just because lack of some single things. Unfortunately, a very small percentange of candidates get the chance to crack the job and receive the so-called ‘Golden Call’ inviting then to join the airline.

If you are desperate enough and have the courage and passion, you can do it. Moreover, you need to be the best at the time of interview and prepare your cv according to that. We have already covered a part of how to crack the air hostess interview in our previous blog, you can take some definite ideas from that.

Recruitment Process of Emirates

The recruitment process is a journey where you could be selected through your grand progress including

  • CV Review and Evaluation
  • Group Assessment
  • Height and Reach Assessment
  • Online English Language Assessment
  • Behavioral Questionnaire
  • Web based final interview

The current situation of Emirates

Emirates has always been on the top list but due to the unparalleled situation, the field of airlines got uncertain for some times, but as everything is becoming into new norm, the airlines especially the international airlines are getting back on their busy track again. In 2018, the airline management finally decided to start hiring new cabin crew after a long break in 2016. then in 2020, everything becomes to a great pause. But now, every airlines is coping up with the new normal policy and thus they are opening their gate with a bunch of new regularities.

cabin crew training institute

As well as these criteria there are other many requirements to be a cabin crew member of air hostess. You should always perform well and have strength and courage. You will be culturally aware and reflect who we are – professional, empathetic, progressive, visionary and cosmopolitan – these are the crucial characteristics that you need to have to highlight your portfolio as a cabin crew member of Emirates.

Emirates has an important day, which is called the ‘Ássessment Day’ – where you have to prove yourself to demonstrate your best qualities and make your first impression. So it is important to consult a grooming guide to join the assessment day.

To end with

Hopefully, you have got complete knowledge about the requirements of becoming a cabin crew in Emirates. Don’t lose your trust and always hope for the best. Your goo fortune will be always with you when you will dedicate your 100%.

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