Everything You Need to know Before taking the air hostess training

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Are you thinking of the requirements that you need to take care if you are willing to become a flight attendant? While the job definition will vary from one airline to another but most of the companies would require hiring flight attendants who have some of the most common skills and qualifications that can prove beneficial for the airline.

Since this job profile not only requires skills but also needs you to be presentable, you have to make sure that you surpass the parameters that are required to become a good flight attendant. The best is always to choose the training school that offers affordable air hostess training fees in Kolkata.

air hostess training fees in kolkata

What are the major requirements required for becoming flight attendants?

While you will not find any type of official standard that has been written when it comes to hiring the flight attendants, you must make sure of following requirements just to make sure that you pass the general parameters.

Minimum age requirements:

Just as you know from ages, the minimum age for becoming a flight attendant or taking the air hostess course in Kolkata is 18 years. However, there are some airlines you have also set the minimum age to be 21. As the Federal law prohibits showcase of age as it might not amend by the laws and become age discrimination, the maximum age is not included in the job profiles.

Education requirements:

Education is a need for any job role and hence when you are about to choose the flight attendant job, you first need to make sure that you complete your school education. This is something that would give you entry to the air hostess college in Kolkata from where you can take the courses. The certification is a necessity as it is something that proves that you have knowledge of the job profiles.

However, there are some airlines that require you to have two years of experience in associated fields like nursing, travel, communications, Customer service, psychology or tourism.


If you are working in domestic flight, you need to have the proficiency to communicate in the regional and national language. However, English is a mandatory knowledge when it comes to communication. Remember to have the courses offered by the air hostess college in Kolkata as they offer language training as well to the aspirants.


There are some of the most common personality traits that you need to include for the position. These are the attributes that show that you are the right inclusion as the flight attendant position for the airlines.

What are those?

  • Confidence
  • Remain calm in stressful & extraordinary situation
  • Conflict behavior
  • Dedicated and conscientious
  • Great communication skills
  • Great attitude
  • Multitasker
  • Problem solver
  • Observant
  • Punctual
  • Team player
  • Understand customer service

What are the physical requirements?

Most of the aspirants do not realize the need for physical demands for the flight attendance. You need to make sure that you can pass the physical attributes so that you can work.


Most of the airline has the requirements of heights. These are mostly from 5 to 6 feet of height. There are other airlines that will need you to reach the height so that you are able to reach the bins overhead where the safety equipment and baggage are kept.


There isn’t any set standard to weight as you need to be proportionate to the height. Make sure you keep a check on the food you are eating as you don’t want to go more than you are supposed to.


You need to make sure that your vision is 20/30 with or without the lenses.

Other requirements:

Make sure you don’t have any burn marks or piercings or tattoos in the visible part of the body. Make sure that your makeup should not be overdone, men need to maintain a clearly shaved look and hairs should not be longer than the collar length. You will be provided the information of the necessity during the air hostess course in Kolkata.

Physical stamina:

You need to have the physical stamina of walking across the airports. A proper balance is required as you will require moving the aircraft during any turbulence. You must know that anything can happen in the cabin which can also result in injuries, breathing and other issues. Moreover, since you have to work in the stretch hours, it can result in affecting the metabolism, sleep and much more. Since the long hour of work can become a problem for your embolism and affects your sleep hours, it can sometimes become a bad choke.

air hostess course fees in kolkata

Background Check:

When you are joining a brand, they will make sure that they aren’t wasting time. They make sure that all the employees are not having any criminal records and hence they check everything before joining. Since the air hostess is the face of the airline, you would never take any such chances. Some of the most common things that are required include:

  • School records
  • Date of birth
  • Criminal record
  • School records
  • Employment records


You have to be certified to make sure that you are able to sit for the interview. Hence make sure that you are taking the courses offered by the school to be able to take the training program. The training will include:

  • Evacuation
  • Security Procedures
  • Fire fighting
  • Emergency medical care

By the end of the training, you need to pass the proficiency and performance evaluation so that you can get certified. You need to have the certification for all types of aircrafts that you serve like flight attendants. This might take some or a few days.

Working Hours:

You must know that the work hours are divided into flight and ground hours. The work hours are generally broken into three flight days and three days off. This is around 15 days of work a month, where you get two to three flights a day.

Bottom Line:

You must be knowing that some information might differ from one flight to another and hence before you start working, you will be provided with complete information on it. Remember while choosing the institute, you must check their air hostess course fees in Kolkata so that you are able to continue.

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