Is it possible to pursue Aviation Management Courses in Kolkata for an arts student?

aviation academy in kolkata

Do you have a dream of becoming an air hostess? If yes, then you might have to do aviation management courses in Kolkata. Being an air hostess has lots of perks. These include the following:

  • traveling to different locations of the world
  • meeting people belonging to different cultures
  • getting the opportunity to meet your favorite celebrity during a trip

The salary of an air hostess is pretty impressive too! The job in itself is pretty glamorous. If you love to go shopping, then the duty-free airport malls of different cities are there for you. This job is best for students who like to serve people and be with people and love to travel.

When it comes to the best aviation management courses in Kolkata, there are many aviation training institutes in Kolkata. Aspiring candidates can opt for Air Hostess related courses to turn their dreams into reality.

Average Salary Of An Air Hostess

The Average Salary for a flight attendant fresher is approximately around INR 250,000 lakhs per annum. This may increase to INR 4, 40,000 Lakh Per annum with 4-9 years of experience. For flight attendants with 10-20 years of experience, the earning could be between INR 7 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs per annum.

Can Students From Arts Background Do Aviation Management Courses In Kolkata?

Now, let us get inside the main topic of the day.

The answer to the above question is YES. Students from arts backgrounds can become flight attendants. The minimum qualification to join an aviation academy in Kolkata is clearing 10+2 examinations in any stream from any recognized board. The students would also have to have exceptional communication skills especially speaking.

Aviation Management Courses In Kolkata

If you are thinking about joining an aviation training institute in Kolkata, you must speak English. This is because you would have to communicate with various people belonging to different countries and cultures. If you know any other international language other than English, it would be an extra added advantage.

Age And Height Requirement To Join An Aviation Academy In Kolkata

Your age should be between 18- 25 years, and you must be unmarried. Skin complexion has nothing to do with being an air hostess. But your height should be at least 5 feet .2 inches, and your weight needs to be proportionate to your height. In addition, it would be best to be physically fit, have perfect eyesight, and have an attractive personality.

Flight attendants need to have a very calm personality with a charming and polite voice. You must also have the presence of mind to deal with tricky situations. Finally, you should be a perfect team player as there will be around 12- 14 members working alongside you.

Aviation Management Courses In Kolkata: Job Opportunities

There are many job profiles to which you can apply if you have done any aviation management courses in Kolkata. Today, we will talk about some of these job opportunities.

Airport Operations Manager

The prime responsibility of an Airport Operations Manager is to oversee the daily functioning of an airport. The person is also responsible for coordinating with the various departments and teams in the airport. These include pilots, air traffic controllers, emergency crews, and security personnel. The airport operations manager evaluates the performances of the said departments and supervises if those departments are following the prescribed rules and regulations. They also perform regular checks and inspections. They have the power to enforce any changes they deem suitable for the smooth functioning of an airport.

Airline Customer Service Agent

The Airline customer service agent helps passengers with the following things:

  • flight information
  • issuing tickets
  • resolving all queries related to tickets
  • making passenger announcements whenever required
  • verifying the documents of the passengers
  • they also upgrade and reissue seats for passengers

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

The Aircraft maintenance manager monitors all aircraft, the support equipment, and the component maintenance. The person’s plan supervises and schedules the maintenance procedures. He also sees to it that all the maintenance procedure guidelines are followed accordingly. Moreover, the concerned person is also responsible for training and guiding team members to conduct proper maintenance activities.

Aviation Instructor Or Trainer

The primary responsibility of an Aviation trainer is to teach and help students learn and excel in their respective courses. They also resolve all queries of the students.

Things You Should Know Before Joining Aviation Management Courses In Kolkata

  • Aspirants should have completed a 10+2 examination in any stream from a recognized board.
  • They should have scored a minimum of 50% overall in their Class 12 board exam.
  • Both government colleges and private ones select the candidates based on their performance in a round of group discussion and personal interviews.
  • Candidates need to have top-notch communication skills, both written and oral. They also need to possess leadership and problem-solving skills that are also some of the other vital requirements if aspirants need to establish themselves successfully in the Aviation Industry.

Ending Note

Being one of the famous and fastest-growing industries globally, many aspirants want to make it big in the Aviation Industry. This is due to its lucrative salary packages and other perks. An extra added advantage of joining this sector is that aspiring candidates can start their career journey at a very young age, which helps them reach the pinnacle of success quickly. Also, as a cherry on the top, aspirants can travel to various world destinations and meet multiple people.

aviation institutes in Kolkata

There is various aviation institutes in Kolkata offering management courses to persistent students. This line of career is pretty amazing if students can cope up with the necessities. This job line is physically demanding and requires flight attendants to stay at the top of their condition!

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