Is Training At An Air Hostess Institute Extreme and Difficult?

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An air hostess’s primary duty is to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers during the flight. They are part of the cabin crew on the airplane. An air hostess institute provides special training to the students for the aircraft in which they work. Since passengers’ safety is their foremost concern, getting proper air hostess training in Kolkata is essential. Every air hostess’s training is safety-related, though customer service is also necessary. Approximately one hour before each flight, air hostesses are briefed by their captain. Weather conditions, flight duration, and other factors are discussed in detail. They are also briefed on emergency equipment supplies and safety details, relevant to the aircraft. The list of passengers is verified. Air hostesses are notified if there are any special needs. Air hostesses have various roles to perform during the time of flight. You must follow all regulations which are described during your air hostess training. Being an air hostess requires courage and passion. The work needs to be completed in time. The responsibilities of an air hostess are a lot as compared with other aviation posts.

Challenges Faced During Air Hostess Training

It is seen that air hostess training is challenging for the candidates. They have to face various parameters of training, which is very difficult for a candidate. The flight training for the post of an air hostess is pretty tricky. A candidate has to face many circumstances.

The challenges faced during air hostess training are as follows:

  • ¬†Firstly, it is strict and lengthy. The air hostesses have to know their aircraft thoroughly. Same as what is completed by the pilots during the time of training. The air hostesses also have to get this specific training from their air hostess training institute in Kolkata. The training takes place in various parameters. You learn the basic parameters like opening and closing the aircraft doors or carrying the passengers through safety instructions, which is a part of the air hostess training program. During the training, you are prepared for demanding situations like giving first aid to the passengers or helping out passengers with any health emergency that would come at any point. Thus, being an air hostess isn’t easy. But with the help of good air hostess training in Kolkata, it is now possible.
  • The air hostesses also need to display their skills in make-up and keeping a clean uniform.
  • Even if you make it through the interview process and begin training, you still need to display your best abilities.
  • The worst-case scenario during your air hostess training would be you might not get hired if you fail.
air hostess training in kolkata

How To Be A Successful Air Hostess?

  • For a top-notch air hostess training program, the candidate should take admission to the best air hostess training institute in Kolkata, which facilitates good training. If you cannot find the best institute for your training sessions, the results could be devastating! The candidate needs to join the best air hostess training institute in Kolkata to make their career effective.
  • When you join an excellent air hostess training institute, you are entitled to two things. These are experienced trainers and training methods. The trainers teaching in these institutes were air hostesses once and would guide you accordingly to become one of the best.
  • You need to cope up with their training methods. Various modern parameters will enhance your skills as a candidate.

Qualities Required For Being An Air Hostess

 You would see many attributes which an air hostess requires. This is the biggest reason why an air hostess post requires more skill than the other posts. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Sometimes, various problems occur during the time of flight. An air hostess must solve the problem with a calm mind. That’s why an air hostess is more responsible than a pilot. This is because pilots only fly the plane, but an air hostess manages the things inside or outside the aircraft.
  • An air hostess must be a perfect communicator. They need to make sure that there is good communication with the passengers or the customers. They must have a great way of talking, eye contact, movements of hands and good gestures towards the customers. These communication skills make an air hostess perfect, and the customers must be happy with their behavior.
  • An air hostess has the quality to manage your customers. Thus, they can solve their queries and confusions with a calm mind. The questions could be in which way the flight is, the direction of the flight, departure and arrival time of flight, and so on. These are the foremost responsibilities of an air hostess. They need to possess the quality of being answerable to the specific questions of the passengers.
  • An air hostess may have to work with different teams daily. It becomes pretty difficult to manage or coordinate with the other members. That is the quality of being an air hostess to lead them or follow them sometimes. When you work with different members, you learn most of the knowledgeable values and improve yourself too.
air hostess training institute

Factors Which Disqualifies You From Being An Air Hostess

There are various factors which you need to consider before joining an air hostess training institute in Kolkata. These are as follows:


Most of the airlines have an education limit for the candidates. Therefore, they need to complete higher education. Having a degree or diploma of three years in any course is mandatory. Thus, if the candidates cannot fulfill the first qualification for becoming a flight attendant, they will be rejected.


 If you are overweight and do not fulfill the body mass index that an airline requires, you would be termed as disqualified for this post.


 Your height is another factor that can get you disqualified for this post. Most airlines need a minimum height of 5.7 inches for females. Keep in mind that your height is an essential factor for becoming an air hostess. This is a major factor you need to consider if you do not want to get disqualified from being an air hostess.


We assume that this blog has given you the appropriate information on how to move on with your air hostess training. Moving on, we will be letting you know about various other things about the airline industry from time to time. So stay tuned!

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