Should You Join An Air Hostess College in Kolkata After 12th?

air hostess training fees in Kolkata

Being an air hostess is a revolutionary career in modern times. Opting into an air hostess college in Kolkata will not only bring massive scope to one’s life, but it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the private sector.

If you are wondering how you can become an air hostess after the 12th and what are the air hostess training fees in Kolkata, this blog is for you.

Why Should You Become An Air Hostess?

To earn monetary benefits, one has to travel and work beyond the physical boundaries of their comfort zone.

Traveling these days is not a grand gesture. However, traveling by air is something which everyone thinks is fantastic and quite luxurious! It is also the fastest way to travel from one place to another.

Although being the fastest way to travel, it is also the most expensive means of traveling too! The air hostess course in Kolkata offers a career with the best salaries in the private sector along with multiple perks.

air hostess training fees in Kolkata

Among the multiple air traveling jobs, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is being an air hostess. However, becoming an air hostess is not an easy job! One has to maintain a certain level of tidiness along with an attitude to help most people in flight.

The meaning of an air hostess is a woman who looks after the passengers on board the plane.

So, now, the real question arises. How can you become an air hostess, and what are the air hostess course fees in Kolkata?

One by one, we would sequentially walkthrough, delving into every specific detail of the process of becoming an air hostess.

This blog shall be loaded with all the necessary details about the Indian airlines to guide you.

Difference Between An Air Hostess And A Cabin Crew

Now comes the major question what is the difference between being an air hostess and a cabin crew?

If we speak frankly, there is literally no difference! Being an air hostess and a cabin crew is absolutely the same. An air hostess is literally part of the cabin crew.

They are both the same job roles referred to by two distinct names.

In the long run, no matter what your designation is, your duties are still the same. It doesn’t matter if you are a cabin crew or an air hostess. You would have to attend to all the passengers on the plane and look forward to their well-being.

How To Join An Air Hostess College in Kolkata?

The first question on every candidate’s mind is how to join an air hostess college in Kolkata?

After you have gained a bit of knowledge, there comes the second question in the students’ minds. How can you become an air hostess? The third question might be: what are the requirements needed to be fulfilled to become an air hostess? There are a lot of questions on the minds of students that the list could be going forever!

There are three primary career paths for the aspirants to walk on before becoming a successful air hostess. These are as follows:

  • After completing your 12th Education or equivalent exam, when there is a direct job advertisement from any airline, you can apply directly for the respective air hostess course in Kolkata from that airline.
  • There are various times when a student misses out on the first opportunity. But do not lose hope! You can still apply to an air hostess course in Kolkata from a respectable institution. This is, of course, after you have completed your 12th examination.

If you want to opt-in to a more detailed course, then you can opt-in for the following:

  • Diploma in Aviation Management.
  • In-flight Services Management/Hospitality Management/Airline Management.
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew (Air Hostess/Flying Steward) Training.
  • Suppose you are not interested in joining an air hostess institute right after your 12th Education. In that case, you can pursue your graduate studies in Aviation or a related stream as well. After you have completed your graduation course, you have multiple career opportunities.
Air Hostess College in Kolkata

P.S.: Remember that those who are still under 21 years of their age stand better chances to land up a job as a Cabin Crew.

Qualifications You Need To Join An Air Hostess College in Kolkata

Depending on your educational qualification, you’ve to undergo training at different levels as per your current qualification.

  • People looking to join this career path are mostly joining respective training after completing their 10+2 Education. This education needs to be completed by an approved institution across the country.
  • If you want to join an air hostess college in Kolkata after your 10+2, you must pass the GED (General Educational Development Test). After you have passed this test, you are now eligible to join any reputable air hostess college in Kolkata.
  • Before entering any air hostess course in Kolkata, you must check that your institution is accredited.
  • If you are handy with a few basics with the computer, it will be convenient for you in the future.
  • Moreover, try to have a good command of your spoken and written English. This is one of the most vital factors you need to consider. Also, if you can gain knowledge of any other international language, it will serve as the cherry on the top.
  • All the aspiring candidates should complete 3-6 weeks of formal training at the base location of any airline.
  • After you have completed your formal training, you can get a certification and license from authorized bodies like DGCA (India) or FAA (USA).

Can You Become An Air Hostess After 12th Education?

The answer is yes. Once you have completed your 12th Education or any other equivalent education, you can apply directly to any air hostess college in Kolkata.

Any air hostess college in Kolkata usually requires the candidate to first clear a written test followed by an interview or G.D. + interview. This interview is also known as an air hostess interview. Therefore, you need to clear this final selection procedure before joining an air hostess college in Kolkata.

Ending Note

Thus, we have come to an end. We hope that you now have a precise idea of if you can join an air hostess college in Kolkata or not.

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