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The trendiest and happening platform to explore the aviation industry that has become popular nowadays, especially among the teenagers. Pursuing a career in air hostess has become everyone’s passion, and varieties of new learning possibilities are helping the aspirants to get more updated on this platform. Air hostess training center is the one-stop destination to make the dream of those aspirants who are eagerly waiting to decorate their dream and witness themselves as dedicated aviation members.

Air hostess – the absolute start of a bright career

This specific sector holds many responsibilities. Individuals who want to pursue their careers in this bright profession must follow some guidelines to be responsible professionals. Pursuing a career in the aviation industry might be a daunting task. Still, it helps to get a great scope to meet several professionals from different sectors and the aviation industry as well. However, aspirants should remember that the competition is also getting difficult among the aspirants with the rising demand. This specific profession assists the person to be more dedicated towards her duty and responsible. Knowing and being well-aware of all the aviation industry features, you must enroll yourself in an aviation academy or air hostess course in Kolkata to help you reach your dream.

air hostess course in kolkata

This job is limited to the handsome salary and comes with a lucrative amount, but you will gain the opportunities to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds and visit different destinations. Also, you will be able to meet with celebrities, business tycoons, politicians and learn new things. Air hostess job might seem easy, but it needs much dedication. It has many responsibilities that make them unique and different, from assisting every needy passenger on board to serving them hot tea, coffee, or meal to taking care of the passengers and much more. It is evident that all passengers are not the same; if someone misbehaves or causes trouble, then it is the primary task of an air hostess to take care of those things and assure a fruitful environment during the journey.

 A renowned aviation academy or training institute always puts the limelight and focuses on some must-have skills and attributes to start the training. These following skills are really essential to become a professional air-hostess and for a successful start of the air-hostess program. Also, you would be happy to know that air hostess training fees in Kolkata are minimum so that everybody could achieve their dream!

  • Pleasing Personality
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Good physique, including the height and proper measurement
  • Presence of mind and personality
  • Good medical background
  • Communication and interactive skills
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Pleasant voice

Becoming an Air Hostess

Most people have specific knowledge that the job is only limited to women. However, men are also the perfect gender to be the air hostess or cabin crew member, but men are mostly known as ‘Stewards.’ After joining an airline as a flight attendant, you can achieve senior posts and rank through the proper establishment of dedication and hard work. However, the average career span of an air hostess is within 8 to 10 years, but you could achieve more than you imagine during this time period. After completing the required years as an air hostess, you can join ground duties such as check hostess, ground hostess, management trainee, manager, and air hostess trainer.

You have to remember that personality is a crucial thing that you need to opt for. Education is another essential matter but not like personality; you can witness the career graph by achieving a great personality as an air hostess or flight steward.

Eligibility and Education Criteria

Education is an important field to achieve any journey, be it engineering field, illustrator or designing field or airline field. It depends entirely on the standard eligibility criterion that one needs to fulfill to become an air hostess, cabin crew staff, or airport manager. Whatever! As far as eligibility is concerned, the air hostess academy follows some strict rules to admit the concerned students.

As an aspiring candidate, you need to know that airline recruitment doesn’t focus on revamping education graphs or outstanding marks, but yes, of course, you have to fulfill the basic criteria of eligibility. The candidate who wants to pursue an aviation journey requires a qualified mark sheet of senior secondary examination. Air hostess academies look for this minimum criterion. But you must hold these certificates before getting admission into those academies. If you’re going to pursue PG Air Hostess courses, you need to pass your graduation, which will be considered an added advantage.

Age and Marital Status that you should concern as foremost criteria

Generally, most airlines, be it domestic or international, prefer to recruit air hostesses within 18 years to 25 years. This is a general selection process worldwide. But this may vary to several airlines and their recruitment criteria because the age limit for becoming an air hostess depends upon the institutes’ policy. Apart from the age limit, some airlines are strict about recruiting only unmarried staff. Again some airlines also allow married women. So, this is something that ultimately depends on the personal policies of each airline.

Along with these criteria, as an air hostess, you need to be concerned about other required skills. You have to have:

  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Good Communication Skill
  • Knowing two or more language considered an added skill
  • The ability to stay calm even during emergencies
  • Diplomatic Skill
  • Well-Aware of everything
  • Eye on Detail
  • Good Color Vision and Hearing Skill
  • Perfect Eyesight

Let’s get a quick glance at the advantages

Good things happen when you are very dedicated to achieving that. As I have said, the journey will be tiresome and hectic, but you will gain a ton of advantages that bandage all your efforts. Many advantages exist, but today, we will focus and discuss some essential and crucial points that you should remember for the rest of your life. So, let’s discuss the best parts.

Traveling around the world – explore the unknowns

Fasten your seat belt as you are ready to traverse the world.

If you are that much of a travel lover person, this is the perfect job. In between long flights, you will get at least two days of the layover. You can roam around new places and enjoy the scenic beauty. You can also go local shopping and explore new things. Well, don’t imagine too much, as you are going to have this entertainment only when your flight will land at a tourist destination.

Security and world-class cuisine

This is a perfect job that comes with a handful of advantages. Aviation itself is a prestigious industry, and you will be provided the utmost comfort during your service period. You can consider this as a token of gratitude from the specific airline. During this period, while you are roaming around one place to another, you do not need to think much of your appetite. Also, airlines are responsible for taking the utmost responsibility for your safety and security. You will be given insurances to cover up the liabilities. Thus, if any air crashes happen, the insurance will be liable to take care of you and your family.

air hostess college in kolkata

Low-cost training fees

Various air hostess institutions are now focused on budget-friendly courses. Air hostess course fees in Kolkata are minimum and designed for everybody. Aspirants have a prime concept that it costs much higher than other professional courses. That’s no doubt true, but air hostess training fees in Kolkata will focus on the abrupt fee structure, and this will enhance your learning skills properly.

Here is a basic fee structure we have enlisted. Take a note of these.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering: 7-10 lakhs
  • Aeronautical Engineering: 7-10 lakhs
  • Air Hostess training: 50,000 to 2 lakhs

Loan availability

While optimizing the air hostess training course, you can get plenty of loan options. It is easy to avail of loans for training. You can get personal loans to educational loans that come with interest between 6% to 10%. Also, good training colleges provide good placements.

Into the facilities

Providing a fruitful placement to the students

When an aspirant is enrolling herself into a promising career and pursue her career to fulfill her dream, she needs to have essential exploration. The right institution is dedicated to providing proper placements to the students. These training institutes are helping them to explore such possibilities. They also have some global tie-ups that deeply involve the Placement Assistant Cell (PAC).

They also provide some international immersion program module that boosts their students’ confidence by offering them relevant exposure. You can also get some personalized courses provided by the various institutions to choose the best from the rest. A relevant exposure could be provided to improve the confidence of the aspirants.

What makes air hostess training institutes such individuals?

Air-hostess training institutes in Kolkata are dedicated and sports world-class infrastructure that make them individual for providing essential aspects of the aviation industry. Such centers are supported by essential training aids of the air hostess program, fully equipped classrooms including modernized projectors and high-tech audio-visual support.

Some renowned institutions even provide basic techniques to survive if an emergency occurs, such as swimming, first-aid training, and many more. These ancillary skills are taught by the selected professionals who are dedicated to the aspirants. Knowing these skills is very important when you are applying for a renowned international flight. Some air hostess training institute even offer and make their students equipped with real-world expertise like In-Flight Familiarization programs.

Wrapping Up

The aviation sector has seen an upsurge in growth in the past few years and has witnessed rigorous competition among aspirants. Air hostess college in Kolkata is dedicated to developing the skill set to become a professional and successful air hostess. With the proper training and courses, aspirants get constant up-grading knowledge to pursue air hostess careers.

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