What information do you need about the air hostess training?

air hostess college in kolkata

Do you want to become an air hostess? If yes, you are definitely making the right choice as these days no more students choose the conventional paths.

With the infinite reasons for choosing an air hostess job profile, this job profile has become one of the most desired professionals for the graduates. For the young people, this is more like a dream come true and keep enjoying a great career.

This can be the ideal choice for the travel lovers and you can get paid for traveling along with meeting people from different cultures. If you take interest in traveling to different parts of the nation or world and meet people from varied cultures, this profession can be an ideal inclusion. Moreover, you can have the amazing opportunity to check several locations along with serving celebrities on your duty time which is absolutely one of the pleasures of many. Eventually what matters the most is that you get paid a lot.

There aren’t many professionals available in the world that offer you the chances to travel while paying a handsome amount but air hostess profile is one them. This will require you to take the air hostess course in Kolkata to be able to work on the path and acquire your goal. Remember to ask about the air hostess training fees in Kolkata before you get the admission.

You might think that being an air hostess is a simple job but behind the beautiful dress and face, you must know that she has a lot of responsibilities to take, which isn’t easy as it seems to you.

air hostess course in kolkata

So, if you are not yet aware, you must take a look at some of the most common challenges that you have to face in the course of your job.

  • You have to greet each and every passenger
  • You need to coordinate with the security person
  • You need to make it comfortable for the passengers
  • You need to guide the passengers during the settlement
  • You need to handle some of the most difficult and impatient customers
  • You need to maintain your calm
  • You need to work in stretches

These are some of the most common challenges that you have to handle every day and for an infinite number of times.

If you are able to take the challenges easily, you have the chances of getting promoted as the Senior Flight Attends and then maybe the Head Attendant. This will require you to have the patience and keep working at your best.

How many years of career can you work as the air hostess?

On average, air hostesses have a career span for only eight to ten years. If you are able to take the duties at your best and perform well, you will then be moved to ground duties that includes training the air hostesses, check hostess, and work at the management level.

In order to get the job in the airlines, you need to make sure that you take admission in the air hostess college in Kolkata.

What are the Air hostess Eligibility or Qualification?

You can divide the air hostess eligibility into four different categories.

Education quality you need to start the air hostess course:

You must know that you have to have a minimum education qualification of 10 + 2. Only when you show the school certificate, you will be eligible for the air hostess college in Kolkata. But if you are looking for the PG air hostess courses, then you must have a qualification of graduation.

All of the institutions offering the air hostess courses would ask for the school certification. Remember you need to make sure that the institute you are choosing is reliable and has the courses accredited from the powerful bodies.

Moreover, you need to have the knowledge on the different languages like Hindi, English along with other foreign languages.

Marital status:

The age limit is never disclosed but generally it depends on the policy of the institutes. Most of the time, academies prefer candidates who are from 17 years to 26years.

Besides, the marital status of the candidates depends on the policy of the academies. No doubt unmarried girls are mostly preferred but there are some exceptions as well that offer married women as well.

Physical Standards:

The air hostess jobs are all about the physical appearance and behavior. This is because air hostesses are the face of the airlines and therefore being presentable is one of the most common requirements of this profile.

Therefore, you must know that women have to have 5.2” of height and their weight needs to be proportionate to their height. Skin complexion has nothing to do with it but you need to have an attractive physique and physically fit.

Medical Condition:

Just the way you had a look at the physical standards, you must know that the medical standards matter too.

This is preferred as the candidates need to make sure that they do not have any history of having mental illness. The eyesight needs to be 6/9. However, there are some airlines that offer some concessions. But make sure you are not having any major issues.

air hostess training fees in kolkata

What are the behavioral skills?

Just as you had a look at the quality like the medical, physical or education, you must know that behavioral skills are similarly required to become an air hostess. You have to do more than just this. This job will expect you to have the behavioral skills which reflect the personality.

You need to have a pleasing personality which means you must have a pleasant voice along with a good appearance. You should have friendly behavior to every passenger available on board. With an outgoing and friendly personality, it becomes easier for the passenger to access and ask.

You need to have a great communication skill as you have to constantly communicate with the travelling along with guide them throughout about their needs. Since it is about convincing the passengers, you need to have great communication. Besides, make sure to have language proficiency.

You need to have the presence of mind just to make sure that in times of crisis, your presence of mind can be very helpful.

You must be ready to work in a team as you must know that there are 12 to 14 members in a team. You have to work individually but make sure that you team members are okay and only then you are a great candidate.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the most common things that you need to know when you are choosing the air hostess college Kolkata. Moreover, never forget to check the air hostess course fees in Kolkata before you choose them. This will become helpful for you to enjoy a great life.

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