Applied Professional Training (APT)

Our Story

Looking at the massive youth population; both those who have not a chosen conventional career and those who have been not successful in carving a place for themselves, which most of them were not able to, due to the scarcity of options and very high competition in addition to serious academic input in the form of entrance examinations, etc, and sometimes pursuing such conventional careers would be too expensive for some to pursue it in the first place, looking at such youths being unemployed, or at the best doing odd jobs, confused as to their career plans, a group of professionals realized the potential of the youth going wasted due to lack of professional training and guidance.

Hence they came together to form Applied professional training (APT), some for giving inputs only in subject matter development while others obliging to convert the entire project into a reality, so there came together different professionals who were very successful as a Cabin Crew, in the Tourism industry, Hotel industry, Airport management, Human resource management, who had not only excelled in their respective profession but were also excelling in imparting relevant training. And now they call themselves, Applied professional training institute Kolkata.

Mission & Vision


At APT, our mission is to bring affordable yet world class training programs in the service industry, viz; Airlines - Cabin Crew, Airport Ground Staff, City Office, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality sector, considering the social and economic background of the youths, making them job ready in the shortest possible time.


APT Institute in Kolkata has a vision to bring job security to as many youths as can be possible, providing them with financial independence and secured future.