Swimming Training & Certification for Air Hostess

Indian Life Saving Society

Indian Life Saving Society , abbreviated as ILSS is an elegant swimming club also known by its old name as Anderson Club, This elite swimming pool, though mainly was founded with the aim to impart the life saving training and coaching however side by side this swimming institution of Kolkata also provides swimming classes for both amateurs, beginners and even for the professional swimmers.

What will you get ?

Learning to swim not only gives you good health but also opens up career opportunities for you in the Aviation sector as an air hostess, as is evident in the mandated swimming skill requirement out of anyone who aspires to fly as a Cabin Crew.

Step by step through various training program APT hones in you skills which are needed to achieve your dream, Swimming training and Certification is one major step, one major skill in your bank of skills, that brings you closer to your dream of flying as Cabin Crew.