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So, you too have finally realized that Becoming an Air hostess is a one-way ticket to a life of adventure and excitement? I mean, in which job do you meet so many new people, travel to distanft lands, live in Five-star hotels and well its not a trade secret anymore, get flight benefits? The air […]

Dress to impress: Your Guide to dressing up for the Air Hostess Job The surreal feeling of weightlessness, with every mile that the flight puts between you and the hard ground reality; All the problems are forgotten as you imagine yourself piercing the deep blue sky, You close your eyes – Hoping for a better […]

Travel for a Living. Does it not sound like the ideal job for you? Understandably it is. Living a lifestyle which lets you become completely location-independent and fills your pocket handsomely at the same time is a dream come true. Especially in today’s generation of effervescent, youth is more open-minded, more adventurous, more passionate and […]