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There is something about aircraft and airports that impart a certain charisma.Don’t you agree? The entire aviation industry is often associated with glamour,excitement, fun, travelling and socializing with a wide variety of people from all over the world. Unlike any 9 to five job, this industry is fun to work with.Pursuing a career in aviation […]

A career as a cabin crew is one amongst the most craved after professions by the’s famed for providing a superb chance for travel enthusiast candidate. The profession conjointly provides exciting pay and other advantages Being an air hostess/flight steward are just not restricted to these. There are lots of others furthermore. The aviation […]

So, you have decided to become an Air hostess and are confused about which course to choose? Worry not! You are not the first to face this dilemma. Countless students every year go through this same problem. The cause of this problem is the availability of too much information not much clarity.  So, this is […]

Everything you wanted to know about Air Hostess Qualifications but were too afraid to ask   “I got very lucky with ‘Harry Potter.’ I got that role because I’m a ginger! Red hair was my only qualification!” Domhnall Gleeson Not everyone is as lucky as our favorite order member, Bill Weasley. For us normal folks […]

The aviation sector has enlarged enormously within the last few years. It has provided lots of individuals with jobs and there are still promising jobs left to be occupied. One is positive of a promising career in this industry. one of the foremost necessary facets of the aviation trade is the cabin crew sector. The […]