Various career avenues are open to anyone joining the Service Industry, they can work with the Airlines as Cabin Crew/Airhostess, as Ground Staff or at with the city office, they are also employable with the Hotels and as well as the Tourism Sector. Since the Service Industry is a Global Industry hence employment opportunities are also global, i.e. You can work anywhere in the world with the training and/or experience acquired.

Minimum educational qualification required to join this industry is 12 years of successful schooling, however, some sectors, like Airports - Ground Staff, may ask for graduation.

The height requirements for a Cabin crew for female aspirants is 155cm and male aspirants is 170cm, weight should be according to the height.

Yes, anyone who aspires to be Cabin Crew must see to it that apart from height and weight ratio, they should also not have visible cut or burn marks, neither should they have any tattoo on visible areas of the body, they should have proper eye sight and must not be suffering from chronic vascular disease or chronic back problems.

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