What are the Perks of Doing Cabin Crew Training in Kolkata?

cabin crew training in Kolkata

Dedication and honesty are two main factors of success for any employee in a company. This is also applicable for cabin crew training in Kolkata.

In this profile, multiple perks are visible only to the person doing this job. So let’s have a glimpse of them.

  • Firstly, you have the opportunity to interact with different people and explore different places around the globe. There are no extra charges on your head.
  • With this, you can even have industry-specific contact with people from different communities. You also gain knowledge about other cultures.
  • There is a specific discount for air travel (once or twice a year) for every employee to any part of the world. This is applicable if the crew member is traveling with the same airline. This includes the discount for your family members as well. Thus, you can have a nice family vacation with your loved ones.
  • Every airline provides free medical benefits for its employees.
  • Every airline provides free insurance to its employees.
  • Last but not least, some of the significant benefits for a cabin crew member after completing their cabin crew training includes:
  1. Good salary pays among the industry.
  2. Meal allowances
  3. Free Hotel Stay during flight layovers.
  4. Free transportation for work
  5. Compulsory gratuity entitlement
  6. Benefits after getting retired from the same airlines (after minimum years of working).
  • Some airlines also provide 13-17 days off in a month.

Key Responsibilities Of A Cabin Crew After Completing Their Cabin Crew Training in Kolkata

There are some key responsibilities when a candidate completes their cabin crew training in Kolkata. These are as follows:


When you join the best institute, they teach you to endure various scenarios.

cabin crew training in Kolkata
  • You should ensure the safety of every passenger yourself during the flight.
  • You should seek personally that every passenger is comfortable while in flight.
  • You should be keen to complete every request of customers like food, beverages, etc.
  • You should be able to take care of the problems of passengers.

Issues related to the security of the passengers and the flight

A top-notch cabin crew training institute in Kolkata will help you to learn the following:

  • You should review every safety procedure for passengers’ safety yourself.
  • You should personally check all the safety procedures before the flight’s take-off.

Looking Forward To The Passengers’ Well-Being

The well-being of passengers is taught when you join cabin crew training in Kolkata. These include:

  • Every passenger’s well-being is essential, so you should see that they are comfortable.
  • You should be able to take care of sick passengers by providing them with proper medicines.


  • While the decompression stage is ongoing, you should ensure that every passenger follows proper security measures.
  • Check the seat belts of every passenger and make sure they are wearing them until the seat belt sign is ON.

Evacuation of the Aircraft During any Emergency

  • During an emergency evacuation, you have to assist the passengers toward exit doors properly.
  • Suppose the passengers at the emergency door are unable to pull it up. In that case, you should be ready to pull it yourself to let passengers exit from the aircraft.

If the Aircraft Lands on Water or If there is a Fire in the Engines

  • During an emergency landing in water, you should ensure that every passenger is wearing their safety jacket.
  • After exiting from the aircraft, you should ensure that every passenger knows how to fill their jacket and raise the alarm whistle if any help is needed.
  • In case of fire among any aircraft’s engines, you should make sure to calm yourself first. After that, make sure to calm down other passengers under a composed procedure explanation.

Medical Requirements

  • During the state of a medical emergency with any passenger during the flight, you should not hesitate to give first aid to the passenger.

Dress Code For An Air Hostess

The dress code for an air hostess is the preliminary thing you would study in your cabin crew training in Kolkata.

However, the exact dress code depends on the airline, from formal dresses to casual dresses.

Usually, an air hostess’s uniform is a basic form of clothing. This includes jackets, pants or skirts, shirts, and knitwear.

cabin crew training institute in Kolkata

You can always add more charm to your outfit. This is done by adding to their clothing style various accessories such as hats, ties, gloves, and scarves.

Every airline tries to connect the glamour and appeal of the air hostess’ uniform with their particular airline’s attire.

How To Choose The Best Cabin Crew Training Institute in India?

Flying on an airplane and touching the sky is the dream of many. But for that dream to come true, choose the right cabin crew training institute in Kolkata.

With so many commercial aviation institutes out there, how do you find the right one for you? Do not worry! We are here to help you.

  • The cabin crew training institute has to be DGCA approved

For the students who wish to fly among the clouds, taking the best cabin crew training in Kolkata is necessary. After completing your cabin crew training in Kolkata, you will receive your licenses and certifications.

  • Feedback, Review, and Reliability of the cabin crew training institute

Before joining any cabin crew training in Kolkata, it is essential to check their reputation. While you are checking this factor, you should also focus on the flight instructors present there and the reviews from the previous students. Unfortunately, there are many flying schools with fake promises nowadays, and it is easier to fall into such a trap.

  • Economic Package

Above everything else, you should take note of the cost. Check whether the package covers all the extra costs like food & accommodation, landing fees, etc. This will make sure that you do not shell out extra money.


After our short walkthrough on this, we hope that your knowledge of the cabin crew training in Kolkata has been enhanced. We hope to see you soon as an enthusiastic air hostess.

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