What is the minimum qualification needed to join this industry ?

To join Applied professional training Kolkata, the Minimum educational qualification required is 12 years of successful schooling. However, for some specific sectors, like Airports - Ground Staff training, one may need graduation.

What is the height and weight requirement to be cabin crew ?

At APT Institute, the height requirements for a Cabin crew course are as follows
> For female aspirants: 155cm
> For male aspirants: 170cm, weight should be according to the height.

Is there anything else, apart from height and weight that i should be concerned of if i want to be a cabin crew ?

Yes, anyone who aspires to be Cabin Crew must see to it that apart from height and weight ratio, they should also not have visible cut or burn marks, neither should they have any tattoo on visible areas of the body, they should have proper eye sight and must not be suffering from chronic vascular disease or chronic back problems.

What is the course fee for air hostess training program ?

At APT, course fees depend on the type of course candidates’ wishes to pursue which can be personalized and opted.

Is there 100% placement assistance ?

Yes, APT provides 100% placement assistance to all its candidates.

Can I apply for air hostess job after my B.Tech ?

Yes, positively. Any individual who meets the requirements can apply for air hostess jobs. For further assistance on interview training you can consult with APT.

What are the perks of being an Air hostess ?

Air hostess profession is a complete package of luxury, glamour, excitement and exotic destinations. It is the perfect career if you want to gain maximum out of your job. You get to travel around the world and get paid for the same.

What are the difficulties of becoming an air hostess professional ?

The most important quality required for an air hostess profession is patience, the mindset to handle multiple passengers at the same time. APT trains you on how to acknowledge all sorts of situation one might have to face in due course of their professional air hostess career.

Can I become an air hostess if I have a dark skin tone ?

Yes absolutely. Any individual, who matches the height and weight ratio and has a clear skin with no visible scar or tattoo on their body, can easily apply for this profession. APT helps you groom yourself to the best possible version of you in order to help you achieve your dream profession.

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