Diploma In Cabin Crew Training

Cabin Crew

This Cabin Crew Training course is designed for students who are specifically looking for a career in Civil Aviation industry as a Cabin Crew. The program is ideal for someone who is looking for a high-paid job, someone who loves to travel, or who aspires to be a part of any of the reputed airlines.

Cabin Crew Qualification / Eligibility

You must have at least :

  • Completed minimum of 10+2 schooling from any Board.
  • Should be within the age of 26 years at the time of application.
  • Height for Male Candidate should be a minimum of 170cms.
  • Height for Female Candidates should be a minimum of 155cms.
  • Weight should be proportionate to height.
  • There should be no visible scar, cut or tattoo mark on the visible part of the body.

Cabin Crew Course Details (Curriculum)

Joining APT Advantage for cabin crew training program will give the aspirants an opportunity to learn the professionalism of the department, which includes:

  • Managing interaction with the passengers in different scenarios.
  • Recall the emergence and safety procedures, when required.
  • Understanding the plane type and the cabin crew functions.

This is the basic air hostess salary and further allowances such as medical insurance, pension plans and ticket discounts are provided. The accommodations in luxurious hotels and travel are also taken care of.

Other Value Added Career Enhancement Program include,

Swimming Classes and Certification

It is a must for students aspiring to pursue cabin crew courses.

First-Aid Training and Certification

It is a mandatory training program for anyone who is seeking a career as a cabin crew.

Cabin Crew Training Fees

The net Cabin Crew Training Fees depend on a lot of factors including the duration of the course, merit and achievements of the candidate. We try to offer low fees cabin crew course in Kolkata, based on the personalized training requirements of the candidate. We also have payment on EMI scheme; thereby no student needs to bear the burden of one-time payment and still making a successful completion of their professional course.

* Scholarships may be provided to students based on merit.

Cabin Crew Salary Packages and placement vacancies

The salary of a cabin crew is dependent on the airline recruiting

  • Major Domestic Airlines offer a salary package somewhere in between ₹ 25000 - ₹ 40000 per month to their cabin crew members.
  • International Airlines offer a salary somewhere in between ₹ 50000 - ₹ 200000 per month to their cabin crew members.
  • Apart from the basic cabin crew salary, further allowances such as medical insurance, pension plans and ticket discounts are also provided. The accommodations in luxurious hotels and travel are also taken care of.

APT Advantage takes utmost care to train and guide every candidate up until they successfully acquire jobs at their dream airlines companies. Our expert faculty helps them prepare for Cabin Crew Interview and other related Cabin Crew Placement procedures.

what our past students say

- Shreya Agarwal


"I can confidently say that pursuing this cabin crew course in Kolkata has helped me develop an optimist attitude towards my career and discover more about myself. Instructors are very motivating and interested in student's well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive"

- Dipti Biswas


"I think the course facilities, training environment and the resources here are comparatively better than anywhere else. It's a very interesting programme and I have gained a lot by doing this cabin crew course. I really enjoyed this course. I highly recommend this course for cabin crew aspirants."

- Priyanka Jha


"DCCT is the best cabin crew course in Kolkata, I have seen my transformation in looks, English speaking and confidence during my course at APT. Thank you, APT and the teachers for helping me achieve my dreams."