Diploma in Advance Service Management

Applied Professional Training (APT) as an Airhostess Training Institute brings this program which is designed for students who want to excel in the Service Industry. The skills that are developed in this training program makes the students qualified to get employed in any sector of the Service Industry, be it working in Airlines as an Airhostess / Cabin Crew or at the Airport as a Ground Staff or with the Hotels or the Tourism industry.

Who Should Apply ?

If you want to acquire knowledge and be ready for any job related to the service sector. If you aspire to be an Air Hostess / Cabin Crew, work at the Airport as a Ground Staff, or to join the Hotels or the Travel Sector, in short, if you are looking for unprecedented job opportunities then you should be doing this training.

Qualifications / Eligibility Requirement

You must have at least :

  • Completed minimum of 10+2 schooling from any Board.
  • Should be within the age of 26 years at the time of application.

What You Will Learn

Soft Skills:

1. Effective Communication Skills in English:
The communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal communication, are developed in this section in three phases:

  • Grammar Rectification
  • Confidence building for Speaking in English - Speech
  • Voice and Accent Neutralization Session

2. The Art and Science of Self Grooming:
The students are trained different standards of Self Grooming, like the application of Make-up(for Girls), Identification of skin types, selection of occasion related attire especially for Interview, Individual Diet, weight management etc.

3. Personality Enhancement:
Personality enhancement helps the student to handle and face any situation, be it the nervousness of giving an Interview, tackling an Irate passenger, handling peer pressure or just plain jealousy of friends.

Technical Skills:

Here the candidates are trained on the different aspects of executing one's job responsibility

1. Cabin Crew:
The candidates are trained in depth on the various aspects of the role of a Cabin Crew through both theoretical and practical sessions.

2. Airport Handling:
The training includes handling of the passengers at the Airport during the various phases of his/her movement at the Airport, like Check-In Counters, Baggage Check, Security, Ramp, etc.

3. Hospitality Management:
The students are trained for the different departments in a hotel viz; Front Office Management, Housekeeping, Services etc, through theoretical and practical sessions.

4. Travel & Tourism Management:
The students are taught in detail the various aspects of the tourism industry, like tourist attraction of different countries, IATA Airport/Airline/Currency Codes, making of tour packages, visa applications and documentation, reservation of Hotels and Airlines, Foreign Exchange, Time zones, Fares, etc.

Value Added Career Enhancement Program

Swimming Classes and Certification:
It is a must for aspiring Air Hostess students.

First-Aid Training and Certification:
It is a mandatory training program for anyone who is seeking a career as a cabin crew.

Galileo Training and Certification:
The candidates are trained on the Airline's reservation system Galileo which is the most widely used reservation system in the world. The tourism professionals need to get trained on this system for reservation and bookings, our students get trained directly by Galileo using a live system.


The students of DASM will have a complementary (Paid By Institute) immersion program to Thailand. The students will be provided hands-on experience of international flights to learn about hospitality and etiquettes from the best. We will also have international projects and assignments during the immersion program to groom the students.

This will all be a part of your training program!

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