Why Do you Want to become an air hostess?

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When you are planning to choose the air hostess profile as your career option, the very first that you require doing is getting admission to the air hostess college in Kolkata. Only in the institute with knowledgeable trainers, you will be able to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the air hostess job role. But after the training comes the biggest challenge – The interview process.

Even when it might seem pretty easy, but when the questions are asked by the jury members, it might leave you blunt for a time. One of the most common questions asked by the interview is, “Why do you want to become an air hostess?”

air hostess college in kolkata

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There is no doubt that everyone has their own reason for choosing the job profile, but then again, the answer should always be very convincing as the airlines are ready to waste money on someone undeserving.

Reasons might differ from one another, and it can be because you have this traveling spirit in you. Maybe you always wanted to fly high, and aviation industry was always the one you had in your mind. Whatever be the reason that brings you here, all you need to keep in mind is that your answer needs to show the passion that you are the right choice for them and for the designation.

When your answers show validation, you will not need to worry about the rest. Always make sure that you do not put someone else’s word in your mouth as it can be easily detected by the interviewers. Since the behavioral aspect is something that is mostly checked by them, experimenting is never a great step.

Remember, while answering the question that you will require proving to the interviewees that you pursued this career as you have always dreamt of becoming a part of the aviation industry. You need to keep your ears and eyes open while answering to understand if they actually like you.

Remember to admit the good things about the job right away:

So, again you can also include the best part about the job, which includes destinations, lifestyle, travel perks, and hotel stays. These are some of the most common things that can appeal to anyone, and therefore admitting this can be valuable. The one who will be taking your interview was or is a cabin crew member, and therefore they will have much real knowledge, and hence she definitely has better knowledge about being a flight attendant. Perhaps, she was also someone who entered the job because the perks intrigued her, and therefore including the advantages can become beneficial.

Again, here you can get a chance to prove that you have done your research work. There is no denying that cabin crew is not an easy job role as it is more than lounging on the beaches, traveling to global cities, and partying. In between mentioning the perks, you must mention the hard work that the air hostesses require doing in their working hours. Moreover, you must mention the sacrifices that they have to make, and you are ready for that.

You just realize that this is not at all an easy job as a lot of sacrifices are required. You have to stay away from home, you have to work for long hours, you have to handle passengers and several other difficult scenarios.

In the air hostess course in Kolkata, you will be trained about the answers as well.

Keep the reasons that make you a great choice for the job role:

This is where you clearly need to admit everything. Just by admitting about the great lifestyle is not intriguing to the interviewers. This is where you will need to show your qualities, competencies, and skills. Being a flight attendant means a lot of qualities.

Therefore this is where you need to align your skills with the key requirements of the job.

You can answer like:

  • I am passionate about offering unmatched customer service.
  • I have an amazing connection with the customers as I feel I can understand each and every customer from their perspective.
  • I like working with team members and in a team together.
  • I have this zeal to go more than helping the customers.
  • I have this sense of responsibility naturally and keep my eyes on safety.
  • I have a good communicator and listener.
  • I can maintain my calm in the time of crisis.
  • I have a positive and friendly attitude.

This list can keep continuing, but when you answer properly, it gives an idea to the interview about your process of thinking and knowledge on the job role.

Tell Them A story:

Now when you have listed most of your skills and competencies, you seem great for any customer related job like a call center,m hotel, restaurant. Therefore it is your turn to make them understand why cabin crew specifically and why not anything else.

You can tell them a story like the first time when you decided to become a cabin crew. There are a lot of people who started thinking about the job after they have witnessed a cabin crew member, and for others, it is from the very first time they started thinking about their career. This is where you can create a story and then convey it to them. You have to mention, how you felt when you saw a cabin crew member for the first time?

Try to be as genuine as possible and do not think of building things up. Keep your feelings true and make sure it can be seen from your expression. Make sure your needs and aspiration can be seen clearly by them.

What makes the cabin crew profession different than others?

If you are not able to make a story, you can think of the best things which make akes this role different from general customer service tasks.

You can mention:

  • You enjoy being with different people every day.
  • You enjoy talking to people from different cultures.
  • You can easily meet with celebrities.
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Bottom Line:

When it comes to answering this question, you have to make sure that you have a genuine reaction as behavioral aspects are strongly being judged by them. Make sure you dont forget to say the aspects that bring you here and the challenges that you are ready to face and overcome with your skills.

Check the air hostess training fees in Kolkata, and if you find it reasonable, start giving wings to your dreams.

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